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Meet The Team

Chief Instructor Sensei Phil Davis


My experience in martial arts spans a period of nearly 40 years, starting initially in the study of jeet kume do kung fu and later progressed to amateur boxing where i established a record 22 wins over a 3 year period.

In later Years i competed on the free style circuit winning FSK and Combat open title, i found my way to WTF Taekwondo and fought for numerous titles including British and European championships.
I competed on the free style circuit winning FSK and Combat open titles, eventually i began training in competitive bodybuilding and trained at a advanced level in the notts area.

I returned to martial arts with the intention of fighting for one year to see if i was still good enough.
Years later i had won 8 British titles, 2 European and fought for the ISKA World title in Irland as part of the English ISKA team in october 2019.

My specialities in terms of coaching and teaching are in kickboxing, sport karate, squad management and coaching and shouting a lot whilst making everyone work .


Sensei Paul Cook

I have been training 42 years !
1st Dan Shotokan karate and 1st dan GKR karate mixture of go ju and shotokan karate.

I won British, European and world championships
Trained for 4 years in kickboxing 
I taught a blind student to black belt and im very good with autistic students.

I am graded and accredited with Sensei Terry O'Niell, Bob Poyton, Billy Higgins, Bob Rhodes, Anay Sherry and Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda.

I trained with Sensei Michael Rankine England Squad coach for a year and sensei Junior Lefevre current England coach.

Im passionate about martial arts and enjoy passing my knowledge and experience to students through my classes.

 Chief Sensei John Holloway

I am an experienced Black Belt martial art athlete and an experienced instructor, fighter and tournament coach.

I am currently a World title holder in veteran point fighting as well as winning several titles at national touraments, in addition to this i am a very experienced tournment coach including being part of the coaching team for WMKF Team England and also have helped coach several British, European and World title holders.

I have experience in teaching kids, teen and adults free style kickboxing curriculums as well as IMAS program too, I was also a key member of the online teaching team during lockdown.

I have a keen interest in most combat sports, but i particularly enjoy boxing having followed and watched fights from the era of Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard , to mike Tyson and to Tyson Fury, my current favourite fighter bis saul Alvarez "Canelo" whom ive had the privilege to watch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Sensei Cameron

I started my martail arts training at the age of 8 in the dragons program of which im know a integral part of the teaching team for this programe for our younger students.

I worked and trained hard and never gave up on my commitment in martial arts which earned me my black belt 1st Dan in 2017.

During this time i also decided to start a journey in Taekwondo, and 4 years later i successfully achieved my 1St Dan in Taekwondo. By achieving these two ranks i was able to start my career in coaching and instructing in classes and helping others to work towards the same achievement.

During my martial arts journey i have met inspirational people like samuel Kwok who have inspired me to become greater than before and gained a few personal awards of which i am most proud of.
I love teaching  the qualities of martial arts to others and helping them to reach their future goals and aspirations  and helping people to become stronger both physically and mentally.

Sensei Richard 

I have been Training in martial arts for over 34 years, starting at the age of 10 at my local Karate club.

I have a wealth of teaching experience spanning over 25 years from assisting as a teen to then taking and running my own martial arts and fitness classes ranging from infants to adults. I have also boxed and coached while serving in the army.

I have fight and competition experience winning medals up and down the country in points, light continuous and low kick. I have also represented the WMKF England team.

I love teaching and helping everyone on their own martial arts journey. I bring lots of encouragement, energy and noise to each lesson but most of all passion. I aim to push everyone on and above to achieve all of their goals.

Miss Katie

I first began trainning when i was 4 years old in Taekwondo. I trained for 12 years and achieved my 1st Dan black Belt in 2018 .

In 2021 i achieved my 2nd Dan black belt  and following lockdown i decided that i wantewd to expand  my martial arts which is when i began training in kickboxing.

I have been instructing for the last 6 years including throughout the period of lock down.

I have Learnt a lot through teaching others and love to be able to give back and watch the students progress.

Sensei Chris Randell

In the last 26 years of trainning within martial arts i have met people from all walks of life who were both everyday hobbyists and elite fighters.

I started at the age of 4 in Taekwondo and found i took very quickly to even the more difficult techniques.
whin the first ten years of trainning i had won multiple World and European titles.

Then in my teens i decided i wanted more, so begun to train in both kickboxing and muaythai which i have been doing ever since.
Now i wish to focus on passing the skills i have learned on to the next generation. I truly believe that the confidence, analytical thinking, base level fitness and work ethic i have today is thanks to those in martial arts who took the time to nurture the passion i had.
Its now my job to do the same !


Miss Olivia

My Name is Olivia and i am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in kickboxing and a 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate.

I have been competing since i was 8 and i am a 7 times World champion. I also have numerous British and European titles.

I like all discipline of martial arts and enjoy teaching and giving back .

Coach Jack

I began training in martial arts at the age of 4 practicing Taekwondo until i was 14.

During this time i achieved my 2nd Dan black belt and competed in well known tournaments around the UK winning various titles since the age of 8.

I expanded my training in K1 to bring new skills into my fighting and moved into kickboxing 3 years ago where i have been competing in tournaments and winning more titles.

I began teaching in 2023 and i am really enjoying helping people progress and become the best they can be in there martial arts journey of which i am so passionate about.


Coach Josh

I started learning karate at the age of 4 , I achieved my 1st Dan black belt at the end of 2019. I also trained in Taekwondo for a period of time but after that i began helping to teach in some of the karate classes.

Achieving my 1st Dan inspired me to help others on their martial arts journey.

Helping in karate classes has allowed me to build up my confidence, but more importantly has hopefully supported students to continue developing their goals and enjoying karate.

I love being able to watch others progressing in their ability and having a keen interest in the martial arts.


Hi i am Keira,

My role at Yu! MAC is to help support memebers and parents, and help with the day to day running of the club.
I can be found on reception to help with any questions you may have ? or if you need any information. 

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